Live Streamed Classes Online
During the COVID-19 crisis, I will be teaching interactive yoga classes via Zoom, and providing you with a recording of the yoga so you can practise it at other times through the week.

The pregnancy yoga class includes 1 hour of yoga, Active Birth preparation, pelvic floor exercises, and relaxation, followed by a chance to chat with the other mums-to-be. Sometimes a mum who has recently given birth will join us to talk about her birth experience and what life is like with a newborn.

The postnatal yoga classes consist of 1 hour of yoga where your baby can join in, followed by a short relaxation, and then time to chat with the other mums.
The Starter Course is suitable for the early postnatal period
The Advanced Course is suitable once your baby is over 14 weeks, and you are feeling well recovered.
Pregnancy Yoga Birmingham
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Pregnancy Yoga, Active Birth & Postnatal Yoga Classes in Moseley Birmingham

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Pregnancy Yoga Classes Streamed on Zoom